Quite simply raisex.io allows you to trade assets of your company for Crypto Currency.

The platform facilitates the circulation of crypto currencies through crypto-based instruments, and determination of their market prices. Our platform maintains a high level of professionalism a security for your personal data.


   If you made a deposit to our Exchange and did not receive your coins, first, you should check your wallet on the explorer whether there is a deposit transaction to the Raisex wallet. Deposit delay may last 4-6 hours.
   The quick depositing of the costs to our Exchange is under development. If you are waiting for your deposit more than 8-10 hours, we strongly recommend you to create ticket to our Technical Support Team.

   - How to create a ticket

   - How to make a deposit


  If you see "withdrawal error" while withdrawal process, please, firstly, check your withdrawal address. Please, do not create ticket as we check and cancel each not processed withdrawal. Your coins will be sent back to your wallet.

  - How  do I withdrawal ?

Email confirmation
In case you did not receive the withdrawal confirmation to your email box, please, be so kind to check your spam box first. Occasionally, it requires some time to receive an email, so, please, be patient and wait a little bit.

 After you have attentively read our FAQ and have not found any answer to your question, you should create ticket to our Technical Support regarding your issue. 
   When you create the ticket, please, provide us with the information on problematic crypto currency, type of the issue - deposit, withdrawal, or trade. Please, provide us with full description of the issue including TxID, wallet address, deposit or withdrawal amount. 
   Tickets with no purpose will be closed without feedback. 
   If you are informed that your ticket has been forwarded to our devs, please, do not create any new tickets, updates or emails. Please, be patient and wait till your issue is resolved by our devs.
   If your issue is resolved, please, close the ticket by yourself, it will help us to take care of the important issues, to save time and to faster communications with other Users.

To register on Raisex you should enter your email, password, confirm you are older than 21 years old, and you have got acquainted with our TERMS OF USE.
We strongly recommend you to install 2FA authorization for safety of your account. 
How to install 2FA?

  • Signup and confirm email

Before you create ticket for our Technical Support, please, make sure that your deposit exists in the explorer and has the required number of confirmations. 
 Sometimes deposits are with delay.
  The ticket for our Technical Support Team is required ONLY when the deposit did not appear in the system for more than 3-4 hours.
  Depending on the overload of the network the deposit process may take approximately 30-60 minutes.
 To make a deposit you should login to your personal account using your registration data.


  1. Wallet menu
  2. Deposit
  3. Generate address

 In case you did not receive the withdrawal confirmation to your email box, please, be so kind to check your spam box first. Occasionally, it requires some time to receive an email, so, please, be patient and wait a little bit.

Hello users,

for KYC verication is need only for deposit and withdraw for USD Dollars and not need verified for use cryptocurrency.

If you are interested only to trade cryptocurrency like BTC/ETH.... NOT NEED KYC Verificaion

For more info write to support@raisex.io

  • The fee for all token ERC20 is in ETH (fee 0.007 ETH)
  1. Generate Ethereum Wallet
  2. Deposit funds Ethereum
  3. Request withdrawal ERC20

We don't required cost for list coin in BTC pair only

Our requirement : 


  • Coin or token need to have minimum volume for days of 300$ or we delist in 1 months  
  • Need to retweet and follow our Twitter page 
  • The listing is under our discretion  Listing time 1 week

Always generate the wallet first before trading with this pair. Without wallet generated the funds are phantom, and if generated later, they can disappear. The advice is to generate before trading

Very simple, go to your wallet and request the withdrawal. Once the request has arrived, our team will check the validity of the funds and authorize the payment. For security reasons, only our team will authorize. The time can vary from 5 minutes to 24 hours

Go in trade page pair and under you finds pending order, here can you cancel it


Any request to list is not provided for the refund. The rule is also written in our policy. If the content team for technical problems encountered with your distro will not reimburse for the time taken. For more info write to support@raisex.io

  • Not use wallet for mining payment
  • For cryptonote use payment id correctly